What Do Flea Eggs Look Like? on Cats

It is the part of the Fleas’ life cycle that they lay eggs on a variety of places around you: right on your bed, on your cat, on floors, your closet or any place in your room which they find suitable. As far as outdoor is concerned, fleas don’t hesitate to lay eggs in your grassy lawn, shady spots at your place or any corner of your yard. The lifetime of a flea is upto 1.5 years and it can lay around fifty eggs a day throughout its lifetime. You can imagine how much production of these fleas can go far!!! Do you know what do flea eggs look like? Let’s find out.

What Do Flea Eggs Look Like?


Here is the explanation of what do flea eggs look like. Flea eggs are little in size but can be seen and recognized easily. Their length is less than 1mm. Flea eggs on cats have the length of around 0.5mm and width of 0.3mm.  They are round in shape and can be easily seen with naked eye. Flea eggs are in translucent white color in their initial stage but with the passage of time they become pearl-like and opaque. People often say that Flea eggs look like dandruff flakes, salt grains and tiny pearls.

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You can find flea eggs on cats if you rub the fur on the neck, head, belly and lower back. The flea eggs will fall from its body on the floor surface but you can only see the clearly if the surface is clean and dark. Most pet owners find it very tough to destroy flea eggs with the help of insecticides or disinfectants.

Softness and smoothness are the core features of flea eggs. These eggs are dry and oval shaped. If you use magnifying glasses, you will find out that flea eggs look pretty same like other types of eggs.

The color, size and shape of Flea Eggs

what do flea eggs look like

Flea eggs are pearly white in color and can be seen with naked eyes if placed on dark clean surface. It is nearly impossible to see them on a light colored fabric or fur. You can place dark papers beneath them to see clearly. Larvae can be seen through the semi-transparent shells of flea eggs before the process of hatching.

As mentioned above their length is 0.5mm and width is around 0.3mm. To understand better, its size is similar to the width of pencil lead. Though their size is small but naked human eyes can see them without the use of magnification.

Flea eggs have two rounded ends and a smooth surface without any indentations. In the initial stage, they are sticky and wet but with the passage of time they become dry. Dry eggs effortlessly fall from the place they got laid in a matter of few hours. The outer shell of flea eggs is called chorion. The shell contains aeropyles and micropyles so that sperm can be entered and exchange of gas can take place.

Flea eggs look like miniature china eggs, granules of sugar and grains of sand. If you see them with the help of microscope, you will see they resemble jelly beans. They look like sprinklings of sugar when they fall on the ground.

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