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Training Your Dog to Give Kisses

Who doesn’t love an enormous moist kiss from their canine? Okay, perhaps there are lots of you on the market who would relatively not obtain a moist one, however perhaps you understand somebody who loves receiving kisses from her canine. Well excellent news! You can prepare your canine to offer kisses on cue, permitting you to obviously talk to your canine when he’s welcome to offer kisses.

What You’ll Need

Treats – I counsel utilizing one thing that may simply slather onto your hand, resembling peanut butter, cream cheese or a roll on deal with.
Training Location – Begin your canine coaching in a quiet, distraction-free space. This will assist your canine be taught shortly.
Marker – Choosing a marker is essential, as that is what informs your canine he has made the proper selection and carried out the specified habits. A marker or conditioned reinforcer is a phrase or sound that you just’ve related to a reward, resembling “good” or” sure” or clicker.

How to Teach Your Dog to Give Kisses

Once you’re all arrange in your coaching space, begin with a hungry and calm canine. The motive I say to work together with your canine whereas he’s hungry is since you need him to be motivated to work for the meals reward. You additionally don’t need him to be filled with vitality, so he can focus higher.

Step One

Put a small quantity of your lure (peanut butter) within the palm of your hand or on the again of your hand, after which current your hand to your canine. Once your canine exhibits curiosity within the meals, give your marker phrase “good” and supply your canine with a secondary deal with out of your pocket. Most canine will give your hand a lick once they scent the yummy lure in your hand. If that is the case, you don’t want to offer a secondary reward; simply give your marker phrase “good” and permit the lure to be his reward.

Practice this step in small periods a number of instances a day for the subsequent couple of days. Once your canine turns into fluent with the lure, you may transfer onto the subsequent step.

Step Two

Begin to fade the lure by solely utilizing a really small quantity of peanut butter in your hand. Add the cue whereas your canine licks your hand (kisses) and mark the habits with “good.” The key to fading the lure and including the cue is to solely use the meals lure intermittently, that means you don’t have to reapply the peanut butter immediately in case your canine licks the reward off the primary time. You can reward with a much less priceless reward like a Charlie Bear or tender canine deal with. Once your canine does the habits with or without little meals, you may transfer to the subsequent step.

Step Three

Now, you’re prepared to start coaching your canine to offer kisses on cue. Continue to follow in the identical place with out distractions to facilitate success, current your un-baited hand and provides your cue “kisses.” When your canine performs the habits, give your marker phrase “good” adopted by a excessive worth reward! Once your canine is 90 p.c compliant with performing the cue on command, start fading the reward like we mentioned above.

Enjoying Your Dog’s Kisses

Once your canine turns into fluent with this new habits, you may actually use it in any capability you’d like: as a enjoyable trick to indicate your company, a traditional greeting routine for you and your pup, a approach to inform your canine you’ve had sufficient kisses or perhaps a approach to wake your loved ones members up once they received’t get away from bed!

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