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Pet-owners usually exhibit cautious consideration relating to naming their pets, who’re undoubtedly a particular member of the household. Finding the proper title for that new and lovable addition to the household is a crucial job. There are so many locations to achieve inspiration for pet names: books, films, songs, and many others.  

We intently examined the highest 100 pet names of our policyholders beloved furry buddies to see if there have been any notable pet naming tendencies. We couldn’t assist however discover a number of widespread names that corresponded with outstanding Disney characters. From male to feminine, and feline to canine, beneath are 20 of the most well-liked, Disney-inspired pet names from our policyholders. 

Top 10 Disney-Inspired Male Pet Names 


  1. Max — It shouldn’t be shocking Max ranks in because the #1 male pet title for cats and canines alike. While a standard title total, Max can also be the title of Prince Eric’s pup in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. In the animated film, Max is understood for being a really loyal pet, exhibiting jubilant pleasure when he finds his grasp on shore after a shipwreck. With Max being such a preferred title, it’s attainable that Disney gave Eric’s pup this title so he was relatable to the viewers. Nonetheless, Disney and policyholders agree that Max is tops relating to high quality pet names.   
  2. Buddy —  Many have seen or heard of the ridiculously proficient Buddy from the Disney film Air Bud, an athletic pooche who performs soccer, basketball and soccer. Buddy ranks because the #2 hottest title for male canines and #three for cats. The authentic Air Bud launched in 1997, butthis has branched into 14 totally different sequence and spin-offs, offering much more naming inspiration. 
  3. Oliver — Some might keep in mind the courageous and pleasant orange tabby cat from Disney’s 1988 animated hit Oliver & Company. Oliver makes the highest 10 for each common cat and canine names. 
  4. Jack — This title ranks in at #5 for cats and #6 for pups. Many know the adventurous and mischievous Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean sequence. There are 5 films included on this sequence, beginning in 2003 and most just lately, 2017. Our pets are inclined to take afterthe daring pirate at occasions.  
  5. Zeus — The god of the sky from Hercules (1997) ranks in as a extremely common title for male cats and canines. Zeus has the power to manage the climate and create storms. Your cat or canine could also be a natural-born chief or have the power to create chaos, and if that’s the case, Zeus is probably going very becoming.  
  6. Shadow — From Homeward Bound, the beloved and smart Golden Retriever, Shadow is just not solely a preferred title for canines, but additionally for cats. In truth, Shadow is a way more widespread title for cats than it’s for canines. 
  7. Bruno — This character was the courageous canine within the 1950 traditional, Cinderella. He was extraordinarily protecting of Cinderella, notably in opposition to her stepmother’s terrible cat, Lucifer. It’s secure to imagine your same-named pet would do the identical for you. Bruno ranks as a high 50 title for each canines and cats.  
  8. Thor — The title of the god of thunder ranks in at #39 for canines and #54 for cats. For these with pets which might be robust and honorable leaders, Thor is an apparent selection. The Marvel film launched in 2011; nonetheless, Thor was created for comics in 1962. 
  9. Gus — This is the title of the candy and spherical mouse who was in a continuing state of starvation in Cinderella. Gus ranks as a high 60 title for each cats and canines.
  10. Mickey —  Almost everyone seems to be accustomed to the staple of Disney:  Mickey Mouse. It isn’t any marvel this adventurous and iconic character, who got here to life in 1928, is an inspiration for therefore many pet homeowners. 

Top 10 Disney-Inspired Female Pet Names

  1. Belle or Bella — Bella ranks in because the #1 pet title for feminine canines and cats! Another model of the title, Belle, just like the good and courageous princess in Beauty and the Beast, additionally ranks extremely. Beauty and the Beast launched in 1991 and once more in 2017 with an up to date model. Looks just like the title may stay recognizable for a very long time to come back.   
  2. Daisy — Many folks know Donald Duck’s at all times modern and fun-loving girlfriend, Daisy. She’s been round since 1940! When it involves the most well-liked feminine pet names round, Daisy makes a high 5 look for each canines and felines. 
  3. Penny — Penny is the lovable, shy orphan who was kidnapped by the evil Madame Medusa within the Disney’s The Rescuers (1977). The title Penny can also be tremendous common amongst US pet homeowners, rating within the high 20 of all feminine canine and cat names. 
  4. Lady — Remember the attractive and fashionable Cocker Spaniel from the 1955 movie, Lady and the Tramp? Lady ranks within the high 40 for each pup and kitty names. 
  5. Willow — Willow is the smart and caring grandmother and willow tree within the 1995 animated musical,  Pocahontas. The Indian Princess would usually go to her grandmother for recommendation. Willow is the #28 hottest title for cats and #40 for canines. 
  6. Jasmine — Jasmine is the free-spirited and headstrong Princess of Agrabah within the Disney movie Aladdin (1992). The title Jasmine rankshighly for cats and canines, especiallywhen contemplating all of the alternate spellings (Jasmin, Jazzmin, or Jazzmine).
  7. Sassy — Sassy is the bossy and pampered cat in Homeward Bound. She accompanied Shadow, who was listed earlier, and Chance, the goofy American bulldog on the unimaginable journey. As common because the title Sassy is, possibly a few of your candy ladies may also have a little bit of sass? 
  8. Cleo — Cleo is the charming Goldfish within the animated flick Pinocchio, a 1940 Disney traditional. She was by no means afraid to precise her emotions by her facial expressions or twirls in her fishbowl. While a extra common amongst feminine cats, it nonetheless cracks the highest 100 for pups as nicely. 
  9. Minnie — With iconic Mickey Mouse making the record for high male pets, it’s not surprising his stylish and cheerful girlfriend, Minnie, would make the record for feminine cats and canines. Mickey and Minnie have been sweethearts since 1928. 
  10. Alice — The central character within the 1951 Disney film, Alice in Wonderland, Alice is called a really curious lady. Alice is common pet title, largely for feminine cats. What’s that saying about curiosity and cats? Alice in Wonderland

Honorable Mention – Too Disney To Ignore

While the above record wraps up the most well-liked Disney-inspired pet names, one other handful of names are so recognizable that, when spoken, it’s practically inconceivable for one to think about something aside from the Disney films wherein these well-known characters starred. The following are an inventory of names completely attributable to Disney. 

Male Names       

  • Olaf 
  • Nemo 
  • Bambi 
  • Aladdin  
  • Simba     

Female Names

  • Nala 
  • Lilo 
  • Ariel
  • Maleficent  
  • Elsa

These Disney-inspired names are only a drop within the huge sea of Disney characters. Although, there are a great deal of lovable characters to select from, our policyholders have chosen good and well-deserved names for his or her furry buddies. 


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