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Spraying Does Not Work
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Spraying naughty canines with a water bottle has been used for many years. Cats are lumped into this punishment-based method too; they’re typically sprayed for scratching furnishings or climbing on counter tops. Dogs are sprayed for something their house owners discover inappropriate. But does it work?

It’s a brand new day, and we’ve newer and really efficient methods to discourage undesirable animal habits, so throw away that spray bottle!

Does Spraying a Dog or Cat With Water Work?

Nope, spraying your pet doesn’t work. Now, it could appear to be the habits has stopped, however punishment supplies a brief outcome. When working with canine coaching purchasers, some spray their puppies for mouthing, but their arms are coated in scratches. One consumer sprayed her cats each time they clawed her furnishings. She had two large water bottles in every room to discourage this habits, and she or he squirted them quite a few occasions throughout our 1-hour session. Unfortunately, every bit of her material furnishings was scratched all the way down to the froth with shredded material strings dangling. Spraying a canine or cat with a sprig bottle doesn’t work.

Why It Doesn’t Work

Punishment doesn’t educate your canine (or cat) what to do as a substitute of scratch furnishings, bark, dig, and so forth. Squirting your canine with a water bottle could cease the habits briefly. However, this punishment teaches your canine to observe the undesired habits once you and the water bottle should not current. Think about it this manner: When you obtain a rushing ticket, it’s efficient punishment, however solely briefly. After just a few days, you resume your lead foot habits, however bear in mind to decelerate when approaching the world wherein you have been ticketed. When police are now not current, you start rushing via the world once more.

In order to successfully change your pet’s habits, the undesired habits ought to cease completely—even once you and the water bottle should not current. Plus, some canines love being sprayed, and it turns into a sport for some cats.

What to Do Instead

Since punishment is short-term, it’s important to show your canine to carry out an incompatible habits. Basically, educate your canine what to do as a substitute of the undesired habits.

  • If your canine barks, reward him for quiet habits.
  • Redirect your digging canine to an accredited digging space in your yard.
  • Teach your cat to claw scratching posts as a substitute of furnishings (by the way in which, the cat consumer didn’t have a scratching publish. Once three posts have been launched into the surroundings, she was capable of buy new furnishings.)
  • Reward your canine for sitting as a substitute of leaping.

Teaching an incompatible habits will positively change your pet’s habits. Reward the behaviors you want and redirect the behaviors you don’t like. This formulation works each time.

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Worried about your Pets?
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