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Lure Reward Dog Training

Using meals lures throughout canine coaching can jump-start a conduct. However, it’s vital to grasp methods to use a lure successfully. Check out these steps and video on utilizing meals lures whereas coaching your canine. Lure isn’t a 4 letter phrase—it’s a useful software in canine coaching!

A Bit About Food Lures

Somehow, utilizing meals lures and meals rewards throughout canine coaching is taken into account dishonest. I’m nonetheless scratching my head on this idea. Surely, you’ll be able to seize (click on and reward a canine when he’s doing a selected conduct) or form (reward small steps towards a conduct) a brand new canine conduct, however generally a lure will get you began sooner.

Now, some of us really feel lures are bribery. Again, I’m scratching my head. I’m not bribing canine. I’m luring them right into a conduct and giving them the deal with (lure) after they do the conduct. Treats are your canine’s forex so use correctly and reward usually. OK, I’m off my soapbox!

How to Use Food Lures Properly

There is a method to utilizing meals lures correctly. Follow these steps:

  • When selecting meals lures, I exploit a big piece of deal with about ½ inch or so.
  • Tuck the meals lure behind your fingers with a tiny bit poking out.
  • Place the meals lure in your canine’s nostril. Think of it like a magnet.
  • Slowly transfer your food-lure hand within the course you need to transfer your canine.
  • If a canine falls off a lure, that means he stops following the lure, cease and place again on his nostril. Most canine fall off a lure if you happen to’re transferring your hand too quick or the canine doesn’t actually just like the deal with getting used.

Fading Food Lures

I feel the confusion about meals lures is because of individuals who by no means fade a lure so their canine change into depending on its presence or they received’t do the conduct. Well that’s our fault and never the canine’. We by no means taught them in any other case. 🙂

Once you jump-start a conduct, you’ll be able to fade a meals lure. Follow these steps to fade meals lures.

Step 1

Once your canine will be lured right into a conduct four out of 5 instances, it’s time so as to add a cue.

Step 2

Say cue and lure into conduct. Now, you’re pairing a cue with a conduct. Once you’ve practiced for a number of days, transfer to step three.

Step three

Say cue and anticipate canine to carry out the specified conduct. Once he does, click on and deal with.

Usually, when including a cue to a conduct, your canine might change into confused and received’t reply to the brand new cue. Don’t repeat the cue. Wait just a few seconds. If your canine nonetheless doesn’t do it, use the meals lure. If this occurs, this implies your canine doesn’t know the cue so return to step 2.

Step four

Once your canine responds to a cue four out of 5 instances throughout a coaching session, reward your canine after the conduct is completed. Reward with a meals deal with, recreation of tug, toss of the ball or no matter recreation your canine loves.

VIDEO: Using a Food Lure During Dog Training

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