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How to Trim Dog Nails

You’ve constructed a size-appropriate nail scratchboard, and now it’s time to show your canine the best way to drag her entrance nails throughout it. You’ll want a clicker, numerous yummy treats (concerning the measurement of a pea), scratchboard and a room with a door.

Room With a Door

During the start phases, select a small room with a door for canine coaching classes. Before beginning a canine coaching session, click on and deal with your canine for strolling into the room and shut the door behind you. By closing the door, you’re conserving your canine with you whereas minimizing distractions (e.g. motion round the home). Usually, I exploit our toilet so my canine affiliate it with enjoyable as an alternative of bathtub time. 🙂

This shouldn’t be the torture room. This closed room means selection and enjoyable, as your canine can resolve to not take part. Remember, selection is a strong reinforcer–typically much more so than meals!

Placement of Scratchboard

After just a few trials and errors, I found most nail submitting when inserting the scratchboard at a 45-degree angle to the bottom. At this angle, your canine information the underside portion first after which the center and high of nail, forming a pleasant rounded and easy nail. When conserving the scratchboard flat on the bottom, I observed a blunter backside portion as an alternative of a rounded nail tip, which appeared to develop out sooner.

First Training Sessions

Goal: Positively introduce your canine to scratchboard.

Gather wanted provides, deliver your canine into your chosen room, shut the door and have a seat on the ground. Place treats on the seat of a chair earlier than starting every session. Basically, treats are saved up excessive so you’ll be able to simply attain whereas conserving your canine from self snacking. Next to your treats, place the scratchboard. Placing the board on the ground means “let’s scratch at the board” to your canine. Plus you don’t wish to miss any nail drags.

  1. Place backside of board on ground and go away high in opposition to your leg. The entrance must be going through your canine.
  2. When your canine appears at, walks towards or touches her entrance paw on the board, click on and toss her a deal with.
  3. Usually, taking a look at and strolling towards the board occurs throughout your first coaching session. Your canine is studying that the board means one thing so she’s going to research, which you’ll closely reward.
  4. Practice 5-10 instances and finish coaching session.

Paw on Board

Goal: Teach canine to the touch paw to board.

  1. Settle in chosen room, and arrange treats and scratchboard.
  2. Place board on floor with high portion leaning in opposition to your legs. Get prepared. When the board is in place, this offers your canine the inexperienced gentle to begin providing paw actions.
  3. Click and deal with paw touches (both paw or each) even when for a nanosecond.
  4. After 5-10 treats, finish coaching session.

If Dog Walks Away During Training Session

This can occur. Think of it as a temperature verify of your coaching session. If your canine walks away, there are some things occurring:

  • Your canine is confused. She’s unsure what you’re asking her. Take a step again and click on/deal with for trying, strolling towards and touching the scratchboard. Your canine ought to assume: “When I touch this board with my paw, I hear a click and get a treat.”
  • Your treats are boring. Hey, your canine chooses what she works for similar to us. So discover treats your canine loves and use in subsequent coaching session.
  • Too many distractions: Turn down the TV, shut blinds or play delicate music to drown out loud sounds.
  • Up your price of reinforcement: Ideally, you have to be clicking and treating each 5-10 seconds. I do know your canine is providing behaviors in that brief time. If you’re not noticing these behaviors, you’ll be shocked at what you missed. 🙂

WATCH: Teaching Your Dog to Trim His Nails With a Scratchboard

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