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September 5, 2018

Is your cat stressed? Pets Training & Boarding takes a have a look at stress in cats and how one can assist stop it and ease their worry throughout unavoidable hectic occasions.

One factor is for sure, cats don’t like change. Being extremely territorial creatures, they a lot desire the consolation and safety their dwelling and space brings. When one thing happens inside their setting that’s both scary or confronting they’ll simply change into careworn and begin to exhibit signs that may typically be very disagreeable for house owners.

The most essential side relating to stressed behaviour or anxious behaviour in cats, is to hunt assist rapidly, significantly if the problem is persistent for greater than per week.

Surveys have revealed that the majority house owners don’t search assist till after three months, when the problem could be a lot tougher to resolve. This is especially when it comes to the smelly downside that impacts many cat households comparable to inappropriate urinating or marking/spraying. Urination and litter field issues should be seen by a vet or ideally a veterinary cat behaviourist, earlier than a month, for the perfect probability at a decision.

Symptoms of Stress

  • Hissing
  • Hiding
  • Fighting
  • Inappropriate urinating
  • Fluffed up fur
  • Increased vocalisation
  • Excessive grooming & scratching
  • Spraying/marking areas with urine
  • Decrease in urge for food
  • Change in behaviour

However, some cats are simply fearful when the cat cage seems or a visit to the boarding kennel is so as. It’s not unusual to listen to of cats hiding as soon as the suitcases remerge signalling a vacation is across the nook. This kind of stress could be simply lowered by leaving suitcases round for an extended time period earlier than and after your journey, or packing in a unique room that your pet can’t see.

The cat cage could be omitted and place your cats favorite toys inside alongside some treats. Allow your cat to view the provider as a protected and safe place to be and never one thing that simply transports them to a scary place.

Abolishing some MYTHS

Hiding– This is a very pure behaviour for cats. Some are ‘fighters’ some are ‘flighters’. If your cat hides out of your guests this can be a fully regular cat behaviour. Your cat will quickly come again out once they really feel safe.

Doesn’t Like different cats – once more this can be a very regular behaviour for cats. Most cats don’t like different cats except they’ve been launched earlier than 18months of age.

Fighting with cats or individuals – that is additionally a pure defence for the courageous cat. Your scared cat will conceal, your courageous cat will combat.


Solving Problems
The success price in fixing your cats stress ranges and anxiousness is the dedication it’s important to lowering and desensitising your cat to the stimuli that’s inflicting the issue. This might be as advanced as one other cat coming onto your property, an arrival or a brand new member of the family or transferring dwelling. Or so simple as making the cat cage a enjoyable place to be, and giving additional treats and pats on the vet.

Making steps to make your cat really feel protected and safe alongside the recommendation of a educated cat behaviourist might help. It is essential to do not forget that temper modifying medicines will solely increase the brink of the stress till your cat begins to indicate signs. So, attending to the true root of the issue, and taking steps to scale back this downside, is advisable.


  • MOVING HOME – When transferring dwelling use a pheromone diffuser. Keep your cat in a room for a day earlier than you progress with the diffuser on and select a room in your new dwelling that’s heat and protected. Keep your pet on this room for just a few days with the diffuser on, their heat bedding and litter tray. Lots of pats and cuddles and take the introduction to the brand new dwelling slowly. Ensure all your ‘stuff’ is there first so it smells like dwelling. Scent is essential relating to cats.
  • NEW BABY – new infants will also be a giant deal for cats. It’s greatest to get appropriately ready for the arrival of a brand new child. Consider taking part in child sounds and researching another nice suggestions to assist your cat alter. ‘Tell Your Cat You Are Pregnant’ by world famend behaviourist Dr Lewis Kirkham is a superb place to start out.


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Worried about your Pets?
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