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Raw Dog Food

OK, that is onerous to confess as I’m a die-hard uncooked canine feeder, however not all canine can eat uncooked pet food. Yes, it’s true. I’ve lived the battle and wish to share my story. Understand, I consider a uncooked or cooked eating regimen is greatest for many canine, however not all canine.

Story That Changed My View

Looking outdoors the field of processed kibble, I started feeding my canine a uncooked eating regimen about 15 years in the past. Most canine thrive on a uncooked pet food eating regimen, however through the years I seen Kira, my fawn Bouvier, and Sobek, my Rottweiler, didn’t accomplish that nicely. Both misplaced weight inside every week of consuming solely uncooked pet food. They didn’t simply lose a couple of kilos; they misplaced 10-15 kilos on common. Folks, that’s not regular.

Both canine had been stressed. They had a really troublesome time settling down. After a uncooked meal, each would tempo forwards and backwards whereas panting, which might final for hours. Sobek whined relentlessly whereas transferring forwards and backwards from a play bow to stretching out his again legs. This boy was in ache.

Plus, on uncooked pet food, each my canine had dry flaky pores and skin and a bitter mildew odor current always. Oddly, their fur felt like straw. It was stiff and dry, and it felt like a pig’s coarse coat. They developed sizzling spots each couple of months and had smelly ears and horrible breath, however had spotless tooth from consuming uncooked meaty bones. I knew a uncooked meals eating regimen wasn’t working. I needed to repair it.

Allow me to clarify that Kira handed away in 2010 and Sobek was born in 2012, so that they by no means knew one another. However, they each exhibited the identical signs. I do know every canine is shipped to show me one thing new, however I assume I wanted one other reminder to cease being a pet food snob once more.

Switching to Kibble, Oh My

Personally, I consider some canine simply aren’t in a position to digest a uncooked meals eating regimen. Both canine didn’t thrive on cooked meals both. I attempted all the things. Again, earlier than uncooked pet food fans begin itemizing issues I ought to’ve accomplished as an alternative, permit me to clarify additional. This isn’t my first rodeo.

Both canine had been fed ample quantities of uncooked inexperienced tripe, digestive enzymes (over 10 completely different manufacturers), probiotics made for canine and store-bought uncooked meat. They adopted a balanced eating regimen per Monica Segal, consulted with a number of holistic vets and adopted Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meals suggestions for steadiness. And sure, I attempted the all-prey eating regimen and so forth; nothing labored. I attempted feeding completely different uncooked and cooked diets for years; it simply didn’t work for them.

Once I put each canine on kibble–and, curiously, it was at all times a really particular model–they flourished. Their stool was regular inside 24 hours of transitioning from uncooked to kibble, and so they gained two to a few kilos per week. Their physique odor and bitter breath had been gone inside 24 hours too. After every week, their coat turned lush and delicate to the contact, and each canine had been lastly in a position to calm down.

Now, Kira lived to 14 years of age. We helped her “cross the rainbow bridge” because of poor high quality of life introduced on by canine cognitive dysfunction. During her final two years, she didn’t have any concept the place she was and misplaced all management of her bowels. This was no solution to reside.

Don’t Be a Dog Food Snob

As an informed canine lover, I needed to cease being a pet food snob. We’re bombarded with commercials and blogs mainly telling us we’re horrible pet homeowners if we feed meat byproducts, corn, wheat or kibble to our canine. This is just not the reality. Stop listening to what others say, and begin listening to what your canine is attempting to say.

Interestingly sufficient, each canine thrived on a really particular model and recipe of kibble, which mortified me to start with. Then, I wanted to suck it up and feed them what labored greatest for them and never me. Some canine are in a position to spin kibble into gold, and we should honor that. It’s what works greatest for them.

Listen to your canine. He’ll information you in the proper route.

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