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March is a good time of yr! For these of us in colder climates, we get to look ahead to spending extra time exterior with our pets or opening up our houses for some recent air! March can also be the time of yr the place we begin interested by spring cleansing! Maybe that’s why the third week of March has been dubbed Poison Prevention Awareness Week. No matter the explanation, it’s our responsibility as your pet insurance coverage firm to refresh your reminiscence and offer you helpful ideas and reminders for preserving your pets protected.

Here is a brief record of the highest widespread poison risks:


  • Alcoholic drinks – enjoyable for you however not your pets
  • Avocado – stylish and scrumptious for people, not your furry members of the family
  • Chocolate – a pleasant indulgence for you however not deal with for a canine or cat
  • Coffee – further vitality for you, however your pets don’t want the caffeine
  • Macadamia nuts – an excellent snack to have readily available however preserve this one away out of your pets
  • Onions – good for a pleasant sautéed taste, not good in your canine or cat’s stomach
  • Raisins and grapes – fantastic additions to your salad, not garnish for sharing

Human Prescriptions and Medications

  • Pseudoephedrine is a typical ingredient in over-the-counter chilly and flu drugs. It may cause elevated stimulation to the nervous and cardiovascular methods. ASPCA has all the info you want about Pseudoephedrine! If you bought drugs or have a prescription drug, preserve it sealed and away out of your pets!

Pet Medications

  • Even although the drugs has been prescribed to your canine or cat by your veterinarian, make sure that to comply with the instructions! Do not give your pet greater than their day by day dose or give your canine the cat’s prescription and vice versa. Some drugs works for cats however may hurt your canine. Always name your vet with any questions or considerations.

Household Items

  • Dishwasher tablets, metal wool sponges/cleansing pads, and degreasers may cause intestinal points if a pet consumes them.
  • Dryer sheets, detergent, and stain removers aren’t good for anybody to digest! Keep them sealed or in a cupboard. Consider child proofing the cupboard in case your laundry room is a excessive visitors space in your pet!
  • Flowers (inside the house and outdoors the house) will be probably deadly. Do your analysis earlier than adorning and landscaping.

Common merchandise in your storage

  • Anti-freeze, whereas sweet-smelling to your pets, accommodates ethylene glycol which is extraordinarily toxic and may trigger extreme kidney harm. For an in depth record of EG sources and beneficial remedies, learn Ethylene Glycol Sources, Signs and Treatment.


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Worried about your Pets?
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