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Feline preferences matter when selecting interactive toys and video games.

Every cat has particular person play preferences, similar to folks do. Some will love chasing a dangling toy, whereas others won’t.
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Every individual and cat can have their very own playtime preferences. If you don’t know what your cat enjoys, this text may help you work that out. However, earlier than I start: If you and your cat are having fun with yourselves (and also you’re not encouraging undesirable behaviors), there’s no flawed solution to play. What issues is that you’re doing it collectively; all cats must play.

The very first thing to recollect is cats are predators. This means exploring strategies of play that have interaction their looking instincts. Cats all have totally different looking kinds and their particular person type will elicit one of the best response in the event you cater to their particular preferences.

As predators, looking precedes feeding. In a home setting, this interprets to playtime earlier than mealtime. But, a typical cycle in a cat’s day is to play (hunt), eat, after which sleep. Disruption to this cycle may end up in habits issues and physiological adjustments, corresponding to issues with weight achieve or habits adjustments.


A easy cardboard field may flip a primary recreation of “catch the wand toy” right into a “lurker” cat’s favourite exercise together with her human.
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Some cats are wonderful at hiding and bursting out to ambush a playmate or “prey.” For a majority of these personalities, it’s best to select cat furnishings that lets them conceal, corresponding to a tunnel, cat rental, or perhaps a cardboard field or blanket fort. Anything they’ll conceal in and leap out at “prey,” corresponding to dangling wand toys is a perfect addition to your cat’s residence setting.

If you could have a cat who loves to cover and ambush, there are various nice methods to play with them. Make positive there are plentiful hidey-holes, and use a wand toy, a laser pointer or one thing so simple as a peacock feather to simulate prey transferring exterior their little cave. Don’t shove the toy into their hiding place, as this can break the sensation of ambushing their prey.


A tree that has open and enclosed platforms provides felines a wide range of choices. In addition to a enjoyable place to play, it provides them one thing to climb and observe from, and someplace to cover and nap.
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Some cats favor climbing and like to be up excessive. If you allowed them outdoor, they might possible spend time observing exercise from a tree prime.  It’s essential to provide these cats loads of alternatives to climb throughout the day. Not solely will it give them a brand new place to loosen up and nap, however it’ll give them extra confidence round you, your loved ones and your different pets.

Consider putting in cabinets that enable your cat to leap throughout platforms and use a teaser toy that they’ll chase from platform to platform. There are numerous nice corporations on the market who create progressive wall models. Take a have a look at Hauspanther’s new line of cat cabinets.

If you’re not in a position to assemble shelving on your cat, contemplate selecting up a few tall cat bushes. (I like these lifelike bushes from Pet Tree Houses.)

Personally, my favourite wand toy to make use of wherever in the home is NekoFlies Ultimate Rod toy. The longer rod provides me plenty of attain for climbing cats and permits me to coax them from one shelf to a different. But, it additionally serves as the proper lure system for encouraging play in any kind of hunter.

Solo-Play Toys

In addition to taking part in together with your cat every single day, it’s best to present her with loads of her favourite solo toys to maintain her entertained when you find yourself not round.
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Automated solo-play toys, just like the Frolicat Fox Den Toy that extends a fox paw out in random patterns, are perfect for entertaining cats whereas their human is busy. My cats love to observe the motion, then pounce on the good second. I may even go away this toy on whereas I’m working to ensure my cats are entertained (ultimate for convention calls).

The Smart Cat Peek A Prize Toy Box is one other enjoyable solution to encourage exercise. This wood field options further holes that you could simply place roll toys inside after which let your cat entertain himself by grabbing on the toys inside.

Keep in thoughts that solo-play is rarely a substitute for you taking part in together with your cat. Solo-play ought to by no means be the one time a cat will get to “hunt,” since you realize the strikes your cat desires from their “prey” and might replicate them higher than any machine or solo-play toy.

Feeding Time

Mealtime may also change into a recreation for cats. Food puzzles, such because the Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center from Trixie Pet Products, encourages felines to hunt for his or her meals.

When feeding your cat, it’s good to do not forget that they need to earn their meal. This means letting the cat play (and win) earlier than feeding time and/or utilizing feeding puzzles. Feeding puzzles are particularly useful in cats that are inclined to eat too shortly. Not solely do feeding puzzles assist gradual your cats down throughout feeding instances, but additionally helps them eat in a extra pure approach.

Consider a feeding recreation just like the Doc & Phoebe’s Hunting Game. In this recreation, you place your cat’s meals in particular person “toy mice.” Then you conceal the mice in several areas of the home. Your cat will shortly uncover that he has to hunt for his meals all through the day as he will get hungry. This is a way more pure method to  feeding for cats and may help lower tummy bother, maintain your cat lively and encourage looking habits.

There are many different varieties of feeding puzzles and toys that you could incorporate right into a feline hunter’s day. The Wooly Snuffle Mat from Paw5 encourages foraging for meals. Simply place treats within the lengthy shag and let your cats sniff them out. While it’s designed for canine, I’ve realized my cats take pleasure in this easy foraging technique as a lot because the canine do.

Games You’ll Regret Teaching

No matter what your kind of play your cat prefers, you shouldn’t encourage him to think about your fingers or ft as toys.
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After working with many various personalities in cats, I’ve come to find there are a number of video games that—whereas extraordinarily well-liked—are additionally video games you’ll remorse ultimately. Now you’ll be able to profit from my expertise: Here are some video games your cat will adore, however you’ll come to remorse.

Bed Mouse: This is nearly any cat’s most favourite recreation: an individual locations their hand beneath the mattress covers and strikes it a bit. Your cat can be hypnotized and ultimately pounce. It’s enjoyable at first, however you’ll quickly uncover that your cat is crepuscular, which suggests he’s most lively at nightfall and daybreak. That means you had higher plan on getting up at nightfall and daybreak as a result of any physique half that strikes beneath covers is now honest recreation. This makes for a late night time downside when your ft change into the “mice.”

Hands and Feet: There aren’t too many video games I don’t suggest, however a superb normal guideline is to by no means use your hand or foot as “prey.” It’s a foul behavior to get into and you permit your self open for assault each time your cat seems like taking part in.

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