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Macadamia Nut Poisoning in Dogs
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While chatting with a canine coaching shopper final week, the subject of macadamia nut poisoning in canines popped up in our dialog. Macadamia nuts are poisonous to canines, however we couldn’t keep in mind precisely why this occurs. After a little bit of analysis, I feel it’s necessary for all pet house owners to concentrate on macadamia nut poisoning in canines and signs of toxicity.

Why are Macadamia Nuts Toxic to Dogs?

Interestingly, the reason for macadamia nut poisoning is unknown in canines. One factor is obvious: macadamia nuts are “associated with a nonfatal syndrome characterized by vomiting, ataxia, weakness, hyperthermia, and depression” (Merck Veterinary Manual, 2018).

With that mentioned, it seems macadamia nuts may cause scary signs, which might simply mimic further toxic ingestions which are deadly. Even extra fascinating is these indicators have solely been reported in canines.

Prevention is Best

Don’t give your canine macadamia nuts. In most instances, canines solely come into contact with macadamia nuts by way of people, so guarantee your whole household is conscious of macadamia nut poisoning in canines. Many human cookies and snacks include macadamia nuts. Even if there’s a small quantity of those nuts, keep away from giving your canine a style. Keep all snacks inside tightly closed cupboards. If your canine has realized to open cupboards, place the snacks on greater shelving.

Also, learn canine treats and meals labels rigorously since you by no means know. If your canine ingests macadamia nuts, inform your veterinarian instantly on the quantity eaten. Even higher could be to deliver the snack packaging with you when visiting the vet’s workplace.

Are Other Nuts Toxic to Dogs?

Nuts are excessive in fats, and might trigger tummy points if eaten in giant quantities. Of course, nuts needs to be given sparingly to canines watching their waistline. For bigger nuts, break them into tiny items, in order that they’re simpler to digest. If your canine likes nuts, place a damaged up almond on the very backside of a Kong for a pleasant shock deal with.

When doubtful, give your canine a spoonful of peanut butter as an alternative of nuts.

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