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Dog Eating Cat Food

If you share your private home with canines and cats, your canine consuming cat meals might be a quite common difficulty. Dogs love cat meals. It smells higher as a consequence of its massive protein and fats content material, and it’s normally sprayed with further fat to entice finicky cats to eat it. Basically, cat meals tastes and smells a lot better than pet food, so what’s to not love, proper?

Well, cat meals is horrible for canines. Cats require larger protein and fats ranges, so cat meals could make most canines very sick, particularly if eaten long-term. As you most likely already know, upset tummies, horrible fuel and dreaded diarrhea normally comply with occasional cat meals raids if you happen to’re fortunate. Some canines even require emergency veterinary care quickly after.

How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Food

In an ideal world, canines would possess super willpower to show their noses away from tempting cat meals, but it surely’s not going to occur. Can you at all times flip away from pizza, cupcakes, fried meals or Doritos? It’s inconceivable. Prevention is vital.

Store Cat Food High

Keep your cat’s meals up excessive, so it’s out of your canine’s attain. Feed your cat on high of the washer, dryer or desk, or create a kitty feeding station about 5 ft excessive, relying in your canine’s measurement. Your cat’s feeding space needs to be secure and in an simply accessible space. Please, chorus from feeding your cats on a shifting washer and dryer—both flip it off or feed when not in use.

For older cats, create ramps made with non-skid or carpeted materials. If made accurately, 90 % of canines gained’t be capable of scale a kitty ramp as a consequence of their measurement and agility. However, small canines can simply determine it out, so it’s finest so as to add a child gate to maintain them out.

Prop a Gate

If your canine is persistent and cat meals is out always, it’s finest to dam your cat’s feeding space with a child gate. Some canines will spend hours making an attempt to determine find out how to scale the dryer. They’re decided to bask in cat meals. I firmly consider, if given loads of alternatives, canines will determine it out.

Choose a sturdy child gate that may be simply hopped over by your cat. Most child gates provide small openings made particularly for cats to simply match by way of, but hold most canines out. Sturdy is vital as a result of your canine could possibly and can push it down.

Hide Cat Food Bag

Cat meals luggage can simply be hidden behind closed doorways. This will forestall most doggy gorging periods. For persistent canines, hold cat meals in a tightly lidded container and place in a excessive cupboard with a closed door.

What Doesn’t Work

Punishing your canine whereas he’s swallowing mouthfuls of cat meals doesn’t work. You might imagine punishment works, however in actuality canines will discover ways to entry cat meals while you’re not round. They’ll be taught punishment solely occurs while you’re round. Plus, most canines will be taught to eat cat meals sooner, as you strategy as a result of they know you’ll take it away. Punishment could appear to work at first, but it surely’s a slippery slope that normally backfires each time. Also, punishment can most definitely destroy the bond between you and your canine. Management and prevention work.

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