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The excitement level reaches the fever pitch when a new four-legged addition is made in the family.  Puppies bring so much happiness in your life but sometimes it becomes a source of stress when you have no idea about feeding a puppy. The majority of puppy owners wonder, “What to feed a puppy?”, “How often to feed a puppy?” and “How much to feed a puppy?” Here is the complete guideline.

How Much to Feed A puppy

What to feed a puppy?

In the first year, a puppy needs a special diet which includes all the nutrition required for growth and development. Puppy food must contain essential fats, minerals, vitamins and proteins. Before buying puppy food, make sure the food fulfills the standards of AAFCO. Breed formulated food helps to develop healthy bones and joints. Always buy food of a well-known brand. Big brands do not compromise on the quality of dog food. Canned food is very expensive food but is high in protein. Semi-moist food is cheaper than canned food. They come in one serving packs. If you want to buy an economical food for your puppy, then Kibble is best. It is suitable for all ages and sizes.

How often should I feed my puppy?

In the first few weeks, a puppy should be given mother milk. From 6th to 12th week, a puppy should be given puppy food. Four feedings a day is sufficient. From 3rd to 6th month feed your puppy thrice a day. After 6th month, a puppy starts becoming adult and needs food twice a day. When your puppy becomes one year old, feed her half portions twice a day. We have already published few articles on Can Dogs Eat Honey? and Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms? that might help you to understand how often and how much to feed a puppy?

How Much to Feed a Puppy?


In order to decide how much to feed a puppy, you need to understand the body type and metabolism. It is recommended to feed puppies after judging the body condition of your puppy. Make a scorecard of your puppy’s body condition and feed her accordingly. Nutritional requirements vary from puppy to puppy. Sometimes upon serving food, puppies show no interest and skip one time meal. This is not a matter of concern because it means either you have fed her so much or she wants to have few meals a day. Next time when you feed her, reduce the quantity of food so that she doesn’t skip any meal.

Another way to know about the quantity of puppy feeding is to follow the recommendations (or guidelines) on the back of the dog food pack you bought from a store. Rule of thumb applies here as the feeding quantity will vary with the body metabolism, environment, puppy’s activities or her age. After buying dog food, feed your puppy according to feeding instructions mentioned on it and then again observe the body condition of your puppy and make necessary adjustments in the quantity accordingly. If you are still unable to understand how much to feed your puppy, then consult your vet as they are the experts in this matter and can guide very well the most appropriate quantity for your puppy according to her body, age, and metabolism level.

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