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Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years
Dog Breed Group: Sporting Dogs
Weight: 55 – 75 lbs.
Height: 20 – 24 inches

Where Does the Golden Retriever Schnauzer Rank?

See the place this beloved breed ranks compared to different breeds in 7 key classes.


10 out of 10 rankingThe Golden Retriever is an easy-to-train, wanting to please breed.

Shedding Friendliness

2 out of 10 rankingThis breed is a heavy shedder. To cut back the quantity of fur which is being shed, you should definitely groom your canine repeatedly.

Ease of Grooming

8 out of 10 rankingGoldens ought to be brushed every day to take away any extra fur. The Golden Retriever requires common bathing. Be certain to decide on a high-quality shampoo to optimize your canine’s pores and skin and coat well being. Your Golden Retriever’s nails will want clipped repeatedly. Cleaning this breed’s ears weekly will stop ear infections.

Golden Retrievers are a double-coated breed and may by no means be shaved. The double coat supplies safety towards all sorts of climate. If you groom your canine your self, you must solely use grooming shears.


2 out of 10 rankingGolden Retrievers are liable to many well being dangers like weight problems, hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, allergy symptoms, bloat and extra.

Exercise Needs

Your Golden Retriever will want a minimal of 60 minutes of exercise per day to stay behavior-free. This might be taking part in a sport of fetch or going for a stroll.

Good with Children

10 out of 10 rankingGolden Retrievers are recognized to be superb with kids and rapidly grow to be a part of the household.

Barking Restraint

9 out of 10 rankingBarking just isn’t usually an issue with Golden Retrievers


What You Need to Know About Golden Retrievers


The Golden Retriever is without doubt one of the United States’ hottest canine breeds. Why? The Golden Retriever is a wonderful breed to decide on for a household setting. The Golden Retriever is extraordinarily pleasant and learns rapidly. They are additionally superb with kids and people with particular wants.

The Golden Retriever matures slowly and retains his or her “puppy” stage for roughly 4 years. As such, train is a should. If you don’t train your canine repeatedly, they’re more likely to develop behavioral issues. If you present your Golden Retriever with a stroll within the park or a great sport of fetch, this can considerably cut back the chance to growing any kind of behavioral downside.

The Golden Retriever additionally finds household extraordinarily vital. If you select a Golden Retriever to be part of your loved ones, make certain to incorporate her or him in your loved ones actions. They really feel the must be part of their “pack” always. They take pleasure in spending time with you whether or not on a automobile journey or just sitting with you as you watch tv.

The Golden Retriever additionally serves as an efficient working canine. Their capacity to hunt and monitor sport may be very excessive. Due to their excessive degree of vitality, they’re additionally usually chosen for agility competitions.


Golden Retrievers are extraordinarily clever and wanting to please their pet guardian. This ends in profitable and comparatively straightforward coaching.


The Golden Retriever is a breed which sheds considerably. If you might be in search of a canine which doesn’t shed usually, this isn’t the breed for you. This breed must be brushed as soon as day-after-day to maintain a wholesome, clear coat.

Health Problems

Obesity – The Golden Retriever is a breed which simply turns into overweight. Free-feeding ought to usually not be permitted with this breed to keep away from overeating. You also needs to restrict their treats to make sure they continue to be at a wholesome weight.

Hip Dysplasia (as discovered in lots of massive canine breeds)

Hypothyroidism – If your Golden is experiencing a thyroid downside, signs could embrace weight problems, hair loss, seizures and/or lethargy.

Allergies – Golden Retrievers usually have meals allergy symptoms. How will you recognize in case your Golden is allergic to an ingredient in his meals? If you discover him licking his paws excessively or rubbing his face excessively, it is a good signal he’s having an allergic response.

Bloat – Bloat is mostly seen in massive, deep-chested canine. Bloat is a life-threatening situation which must be examined by a veterinarian instantly. Bloat could happen in case your canine eats too rapidly or drinks massive quantities of water at a time.

Top 10 Most Common Health Issues for Golden Retrievers

  1. Otitis – center ear an infection
  2. Pyoderma – bacterial an infection of the pores and skin
  3. Dermatitis – irritation of the pores and skin
  4. Gastritis – irritation, irritation or erosion of the liner of the abdomen
  5. Lipoma – slow-growing, fatty lump between the pores and skin and underlying muscle layer
  6. Allergies
  7. Colitis – irritation of the inside lining of the colon
  8. Mass
  9. Conjunctivitis – pink eye
  10. Hotspot – infected or contaminated pores and skin

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