Dog pooping blood: Types and reasons

Dog pooping blood is surely something to worry about. This is a sign of your dog being unhealthy. For some people, at first glance, it can be something really surprising and frightening because we, being humans, mainly associate with cancer. However, if your dog is pooping blood, this does not necessarily means that it is cancer. There are two terms that can define the blood in your dog’s stool in concern with the medical dictionary. First one is the hematochezia and second is melena.

Dog pooping blood


The hematochezia is condition when the blood found in stool is of bright red color. This means that the blood that comes out along with the poop is fresh. Thus, most likely, the blood will be from somewhere in the region of lower intestines. Often colon or rectum is held responsible for such sort of blood in the stool of your dog. In feces, you may notice bright red blood drops.


The other type of blood that can be found in the poop of your dog is melena. This is the condition when, due to blood appearance, the stool becomes asphalt black or of a similar color. It means that the blood is digested along with the food that refers to the fact that is comes from somewhere in the upper intestine region. Melena is a bit more dangerous as it is not easily detectible at first. This is because in hematochezia the blood is fresh which is clearly visible. However, melena makes stool to appear darker which, in some cases, may be alright in concern with the dog.

Causes of fresh blood

The fresh blood in your dark may be caused by following:

  • Parvovirus: It is a serious problem which is common in puppies. The breeds that are black and tan such as Rottweiler, German Shepherds, Dobermans etc are likely to suffer from this disease.
  • Parasites: One of the biggest causes of fresh blood in poop is the occurance of parasites. These include the hookworms, whipworms, roundworms etc.
  • Dietary problems: The dietary problems can also cause this issue. Overeating or dietary indiscretion can lead to irritation of colon which leads to diarrhea and bloody stools.
  • Rectal injuries: The rectal injuries can occur if your dog swallows stick, bone or any other object with sharp edges. It will scratch the lower intestine and damage the lining of the internal system of your dog.

Causes of black blood in stool

Dog pooping blood

The causes of black blood include:

  • Use of NSAIDS: The NSAIDS are type of drugs that can damage the internal system of your dog. This may lead to development of ulcers. These include drugs such as Rimadyl and Aspirin.
  • Disorder in blood clotting: The blood clotting is important function in maintenance of dog’s health. The improper blood clotting will lead to bleeding. If this is the case, not only the stool will be tarry black but other problems will also occur like purple tint of skin.
  • Tumors and cancers: The tumors and cancers can also cause this problem in dogs.

Other reasons of dog pooping blood include the post-surgery complications, pepto-bismol, ingestion of blood, intertinal blockages, trauma, infections etc.

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