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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training
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Every single day, I’m requested whether or not or not constructive reinforcement canine coaching works. While many pet homeowners purposely pursue a constructive canine coach, there are nonetheless doubts written throughout their face. This could be very evident when working with reactive canines; many pet homeowners simply don’t belief the canine coaching approach.

As with something, there are execs and cons, however you’ll discover only a few cons with constructive reinforcement canine coaching. When doubt creeps in, inform your self to belief the method as a result of constructive canine coaching actually works.

What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

Positive reinforcement canine coaching is while you reward your canine for a selected conduct, so the conduct will occur extra usually. When a canine sits, and he will get a deal with, he learns to take a seat extra usually. Positive reinforcement works even when pet homeowners don’t suspect it.

Positive Reinforcement Examples

If you open a crate door, whereas your canine is barking inside it, your canine learns barking means you’ll open the crate door. Begging is an effective constructive reinforcement instance too. If you feed your canine whereas he sits subsequent to your plate, he learns that sitting near your plate makes meals occur. Yup, that is constructive reinforcement too!

Positive reinforcement works within the human world too. We work for paychecks—that’s our reward for working exhausting. Pats on the again, bonuses and hugs are human rewards too. Super yummy treats are simply nice canine rewards as a result of everybody loves meals. Praise, pats, enjoyable video games, tidbits out of your dinner plate, escaping a boring crate or transferring away from a scary canine are nice constructive reinforcement examples for canines too.

Pros and Cons of Positive Reinforcement Training


  • Easy to do: You can’t make errors.; simply reward behaviors you need to see extra usually.
  • Fun for canine and pet proprietor: Positive reinforcement is enjoyable as a result of incomes rewards is enjoyable! Celebrating wins are rather more enjoyable than digesting errors.
  • Extremely efficient: Hands down, constructive reinforcement works a lot quicker than punishment-based canine coaching strategies. Don’t consider me? Check out the most recent analysis on instructing kids. 🙂
  • Can be performed wherever: Dog coaching periods can occur wherever; simply seize meals treats and go!
  • You don’t want fancy gear: Throw out choke chains, pinch collars and digital collars. All you want are a handful of treats, a clicker and your canine! If you’re coaching your canine outdoors, connect a leash to your canine’s physique harness.

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Cons (And Solutions)

  • Treat dependency: Dog will solely work for treats.
  • Withholding treats is irritating: In the start, this will occur.
    • Again, it is a fast repair. Set a canine up for fulfillment and reward each single step towards a purpose.
    • If wanted, take a number of steps again and construct till the specified conduct occurs.
  • What should you don’t have treats? Simple. Use reward, video games and the blissful dance to reward your canine for good behaviors.

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Worried about your Pets?
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