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Different Dog Breeds

“Do different dog breeds learn differently?” is essentially the most requested query, and it’s often requested by purebred canine pet house owners. As knowledgeable canine coach, I’m at all times joyful to reply this query. If you’re curious if sure canine breeds be taught in a different way, learn under for knowledgeable canine coach’s tackle different-breed canine coaching.

The Answer

Okay, right here it goes! Each canine, no matter breed, is a person; and all canine be taught by following the identical ideas utilized to human studying.

Yup, we use the identical studying ideas to show:

  • Rhinos to carry their ft up for nail grinds
  • Silverback Gorillas to open their mouths for flossing
  • Fish how one can carry out methods
  • Butterflies how one can placed on a present
  • Children to tie their footwear

I’ve educated tons of of canine, and every canine was capable of be taught the identical behaviors given the identical studying ideas. While a canine’s particular breed can decide his final canine coaching reward or reveal some elements of his persona, it has nothing to do along with his means to be taught new conduct.

But What About Bouviers Being Lazy or Pit Bulls Being Aggressive?

I cringe when somebody mentions that Bouviers are lazy, Basset Hounds are gradual, Terriers are untrainable, Rottweilers want a agency coaching hand or Poodles are the neatest breed. I additionally discover it unsettling once I hear individuals say all Beagles howl, Irish Setters are ditzy, Chihuahuas are ankle biters, all Pit Bull Terriers are aggressive or different sure breeds requiring particular coaching expertise. These statements are merely not true, and I’m certain pet house owners residing with these completely different canine breeds would disagree too.

Let’s take into consideration the query on whether or not or not completely different canine breeds be taught in a different way one other manner. If sure breeds of canine be taught in a different way, how would we practice combined breed canine? About 20-plus years in the past, canine trainers have been efficiently instructing 1000’s of combined breed canine new behaviors—and that was earlier than canine breed DNA testing. The solely factor DNA testing for particular breeds has taught canine trainers is we have been incorrectly assuming a combined canine’s breed of origin. 🙂

Easiest Way to Train Any Dog Breed

Positive reinforcement is vital and it really works shortly! You’ve most likely heard of constructive reinforcement earlier than and marvel what it had meant. Positive reinforcement is likely one of the 4 quadrants of operant conditioning, and it will increase the chance conduct will likely be repeated.

Positive reinforcement means rewarding with a great factor each time somebody does a conduct you want. It’s vital for skilled canine trainers to have a radical understanding of every quadrant and the way it applies to canine coaching, as that is the inspiration for all studying. If your canine coach doesn’t know that, it’s time to discover a higher canine coach.

Picking a Good Thing to Motivate Your Dog

Just as a result of canine are a sure breed, don’t assume sure breeds all like the identical issues. As pet house owners, it’s our job to seek out every canine’s favourite “good thing” or final reward and use it to show well mannered behaviors.

Ignore your canine’s breed sort and uncover what your canine actually loves. As an instance of how canine breed sort can turn out to be shortly complicated, some Terriers could love bits of sizzling canine as a substitute of fetch, some Basset Hounds could discover a quick recreation of tug extra rewarding than treats and a few Chihuahuas could discover a recreation of fetch extra rewarding than hugs and treats. Remember, studying is determined by every particular person canine’s persona and never his breed.

While your canine appears like a particular breed, he learns identical to each different residing being!

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