Cat gestation period: Know when your cat is expecting

Having cat as a pet is something joyful. But what is more joyful is knowing that your cat is expecting and you will soon have those little kittens playing around in your house. The process of diagnosing that whether your cat is expecting or not can be tricky. Like any female, you need to pay some serious attention to your cat when she is expecting. A cat can get pregnant when she is only 6 months old and the cat gestation period can last from about 63 to 65 days. During the season of spring and early fall, the time is suitable for your pet to give birth to the little ones.

cat gestation period

Is your cat pregnant and start of Gestation period?

Is your cat pregnant? Well, to find out, the best thing is to take her to a 24 hour vet care. The vet can confirm whether the kittens are on their way to your home or you need to wait a bit before it happens. However, some changes will be there in your cat’s routine and behavior that will serve as a clue to what is going to happen next.

First of all, the belly of your cat will become bigger. The change will be observable after around 30 days since your cat is done with mating. After 2 to 3 weeks since the gestation period has started, you will notice the change in the body of your cat. The nipples will start becoming bigger and will get a bit more red which is also referred to as the pinking up.

Taking care of your cat with Emergency Vet Near You

Once you know that your cat has entered the period of gestation, you need to be more serious about what she is doing. You should be looking after her properly to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the days of expectation.

The morning sickness can be something that you observe in the early stages of pregnancy. Give your cat enough food and ensure that she is getting appropriate nutrients. During the pregnancy, the cat is likely to eat 1 and half times more than her normal diet. The addition of kitten food in the daily diet of your cat can do a plus to the health of the expected babies.

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Be aware with Revolution of Cats!

Be aware that the viruses can infect the kittens even before they are born. Therefore, never miss the vaccination of your cat. Take her to a vet during pregnancy to ensure that the health of your cat is appropriate and she is in good condition of give birth to the offspring. In case that the health of cat is not good, this will lead to issues with kittens. Whether it be in the form of a virus or any other health related issue, the kittens will ultimately be in danger after birth.

So, this is some information regarding cat gestation period and certain things that you can do when your cat is expecting. Like humans, animals also need proper care during this crucial stage. Thus, keep up with the responsibility.

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