Can Dogs Eat Pork? Is Pork good or bad for Them?

There are different opinions about the question which keeps dog-owners get into the state of confusion i.e. Can Dogs eat pork? It is a debatable topic. Before reaching any conclusion, you must know the benefits or dangers of feeding pork to dogs. We hope you have already read our article on Can dogs eat Honey?Are Bananas Good for Dogs?Some Facts About Are Apples Good for Dogs? and All Your Answers About Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?. Now its time to discuss Can Dogs eat Pork?

Can Dogs Eat Pork?

can dogs eat pork

Pork is slightly different than beef, mutton, chicken or other types of meat. Pork does have some benefits but by feeding pork to your dog, your dog can become infected with trichinosis. This disease is a food borne disease. It is caused by the intestinal roundworm. This disease can be developed even among other pets and humans if they eat undercooked meat of animals which are infected. Such meant contains roundworm. Pork from infected pigs can cause the same trouble for both humans and animals including dogs.  The disease can cause

  • muscle pain
  • muscle soreness
  • swelling of upper eye lids

So basically, it is the intestinal roundworm which causes this disease to happen. Now that you know that pork can cause trichinosis in your dog, you must have drawn a conclusion that pork should not be fed to dogs. Wrong!  So can your dog eat pork? Yes, you can feed your dog pork, but you should know how to feed your dog pork and what precautionary measures should be taken.

How to Feed your Dog Pork?

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As pork contains proteins, so it does have some benefits for dogs. One of the precautionary measures is to freeze the pork for three weeks. It will kill the parasite in it. Then when you want to cook that pork for your dog, make sure it is cooked properly. Undercooked pork can be very dangerous for dogs. Make sure that the pork is fresh. Rotten pork can cause indigestion in dogs. If you buy fresh pork, freeze it for three weeks and cook it properly then it becomes eatable for your dog and will not cause trichinosis disease in your dog.

You should also know how to cut the pieces of pork. Make small thin pieces of pork so that your dog can digest them. If the pork pieces are thick, then it will no longer be digestible for your dog. Elimination of bones from the pork very important as bones can splinter and your dog may choke on the pieces of bones. It can be fatal. So, make sure bones are removed before serving pork to your dog.

Pork Allergies in Dogs

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Pigs don’t sweat so toxins are not removed from their bodies properly due to which it causes the development of diseases in dogs. It has also been observed that more than 50% of dogs are allergic to pork. If you feed your dog pork for the first time, it can develop a stomachache. If you feed pork to them time to time, it will stop causing stomachache as the body of your dig will get used to it.

Can Dogs Eat Pork? – Conclusion:

It also varies from dog to dog. Some dogs eat a great quantity of pork and their stomachs are not affected badly. On the other hand, some dogs may experience stomachaches if they eat a little amount of pork. You should always observe the reaction of your dog by first feeding small quantity of pork.

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