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Honey is a nerve tonic and is high in natural enzymes. For thousands of years, honey has been consumed as highly hygienic food and as an effective medicine for human beings. Dogs love to each mushrooms but can dogs eat honey? Let’s see the consumption of honey from another aspect i.e. can dogs eat honey? or Is honey safe for dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Honey?

can dogs eat honey

Many dog owners have no idea how much honey is useful for dogs. Dogs cannot eat all human foods as many of them are indigestible for them. But honey is not only digestible for dogs but is of great benefit to them. It is very helpful in curing

  • pressure sores
  • hot spots
  • burns
  • wounds
  • digestion issues
  • kennel cough
  • infections and allergies.

Benefits of Honey for Dogs

Following are the benefits of honey for dogs:

For digestion problems

It is very normal for dogs to have digestion problems. They may suffer from Gastrointestinal Problems due to a number of reasons e.g. if they eat something in the yard not suitable for their stomachs or eat rotten food. In this case, dog owners use medications which sometimes have side-effects on dog’s health. Frequent medication is not recommended for petty health issues. You may take regular precautionary measures by feeding you dog honey. Honey will help you dog to digest well. Manuka honey is a type of honey which is known best for curing digestion issues. For large dogs, one table spoon of honey is enough and for small dogs feed them one teaspoon a day. If the digestion issue has become serious then you should consult vet instead of self-medication.

To cure Allergies

Dogs suffer from seasonal allergies due to the change in seasonal conditions. If your dog is suffering from seasonal allergy, you should feed him honey twice a day (This is equally beneficial for people who are suffering from seasonal allergies). Honey improves the immune system of dogs and saves them from pollen allergies as well.

Honey for burns

can dogs eat honey

If you want to get your dog recovered from the pain of burn, then honey can be very helpful in this regard. Remove the hair from the burnt area of the dog’s body and then apply honey. Apply honey every ten minutes until the pain is gone. After the pain is gone, you can do the dressing. You know what is the additional benefit of using honey before dressing? The dressing will not stick to the wound of your dog.  Hence, new tissues will be formed quicker and that too without being compromised.

To heal Wounds

If your dog gets scratches or minor wounds do not apply bandage. Apply honey on the wound gently. Let the honey heal the wound for 20 minutes. The wound will heal soon.


Can dogs eat honey? Yes, they can but not more than a spoon once a day. The pH of honey is low that’s why it is useful to stop the growth of bacteria. Honey works as an antibacterial agent in a body that too without any side-effects. So honey is good for dogs but never over-feed them with honey because the excess of honey has some side-effects.

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