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There is a wide range of merchandise that may assist disabled pets reside full, energetic lives.

Providing a house for a disabled canine or cat is a sort and beneficiant deed. Whether your pet had a handicap while you adopted him or developed one after he was already a member of your loved ones, you already know that disabled animals give simply as a lot love and pleasure to their human members of the family as totally purposeful pets do.

Cats and canines who’re lacking limbs or blind or produce other well being points can reside lengthy, joyful lives, however they do want extra assist in getting round. Fortunately, there are a selection of merchandise designed to assist handicapped pets in the marketplace. Here are only a few.


K9 Cart’s Cat Wheelchair

If you’ve gotten a pet who has misplaced the usage of his hind legs, a wheelchair might be one of the best ways to supply mobility. Wheelchairs can be found for small, medium and enormous canines, and for cats. Rear wheelchairs are designed for pets who can’t use their hind legs, whereas quad wheelchairs are for individuals who have misplaced use of or are weak in all 4 legs. Remember, you’ll want to coach your pet to make use of a wheelchair, utilizing a gradual introduction and plenty of optimistic reinforcement. Note: The following web sites additionally supply wheelchairs for cats. • Walkin’ Pets by Handicapped Pets • Eddie’s Wheels • K9 Carts • Best Friend Mobility


Walkabout Harnesses
Original Back End Harness

Harnesses & Slings

For pets who can nonetheless use their legs however undergo from weak spot brought on by arthritis or different medical situations, a harness or sling could be a good resolution. Harnesses for individuals who want help strolling present entrance leg help, rear leg help or heart physique help. Pets who’re fitted with a help harness depend on their house owners to elevate up the weak a part of their physique. Without having to carry up their very own weight, the pets are in a position to stroll. • CareLift Full Body Harness • Walkabout Harnesses • Walkin’ Pets by Handicapped Pets • K9 Carts



Barkertime Washable Cat Diaper

Handicapped pets usually undergo from incontinence, making it troublesome to maintain them clear. Diapers made particularly for canines and cats will help on this state of affairs, enabling you to stop your pet from soiling the ground and mendacity in his personal waste. The diapers are produced from absorbent materials that assist preserve pets dry, and can be found in each disposable and washable kinds. Designed to suit the anatomy of four-legged creatures, they’re leak-proof and cozy for pets to put on. Suspenders made particularly for pets will help preserve the diapers in place. • Vet’s Best • Barkertime • Walkin’ Pets by Handicapped Pets • K9 Carts


Walkin’ Pets by Handicapped Pets
SleePee Time Bed

Special Beds

Disabled pets usually want a particular place to sleep. Some orthopedic beds are made expressly for pets with arthritis and different joint points. A mattress designed to soak up urine can be useful to pets who are suffering from incontinence. These beds are made to wick moisture away from pets to assist preserve them dry via the evening. • Casper Dog Bed • Serta Pet Beds • SleePee Time Bed® • PoochPad Ultra Dry Bed • Sealy Dog Bed



Blind Dog Bumper Collar

Dogs who’ve misplaced their sight could be hesitant to maneuver round—particularly in new locations—as a result of they’re afraid they are going to run into one thing. Bumper collars, harnesses and vests are designed to present blind canines extra freedom by making a protected area in entrance of them. The bumper surrounds a canine’s head and prevents him from operating into an object if he will get too shut. Sight-impaired canines who study to make use of bumpers really feel safer when exploring their setting. • Halos For Paws • Blind Dog Bumper Collars • Muffin’s Halo • Walkin’ Blind Dog Halo

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Worried about your Pets?
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