Benefits of Adopting A Pet

January 9, 2019

Considering rescuing a pet? Pets Training & Boarding have some prime suggestions that can assist you discover your new furry member of the family. PLUS: we meet up with Cathy Beer a pet rescue advocate and founding father of Pets4Life.

Rescuing and adopting a pet may be one of the vital rewarding experiences in life and people loving pet homeowners who’ve supplied their lives as ‘forever homes’ have been given a wealth of affection from a treasured companion animal. The heartfelt rescue tales are an limitless supply of happy-tears and lots of Kleenex moments!

Meet Cathy Beer, she’s turned her profession into serving to animals who want to seek out their endlessly properties and in addition recognising the two-legged selection who work tirelessly to rehome limitless pets round Australia.

“Over the years I’ve attended the Getting To Zero (G2Z) Summits, whose aim is to attain zero euthanasia of wholesome, treatable animals in Australia,” Cathy says. “I always return home from those Summits feeling inspired and awestruck by rescue groups and animal shelters who are trying new ways to improve welfare outcomes for the animals in their care.  I think companion animal rescue has come a long way and it’s time to celebrate their achievements. So, I created the Companion Animal Rescue Awards as a way to showcase and celebrate outstanding examples of rehoming best practice.”

Tips for Rescuing A Pet

Like with all pets it’ s necessary to contemplate a couple of issues earlier than going out to seek out your good companion.

Breed – analysis your required breed and examine that the traits for that specific breed, match along with your way of life. Dog breeds specifically will want totally different ranges of exercise and coaching.

Time – do you will have the time to dedicate to your new pet? Training, and train is essential notably with canines.

Existing Pets – how will your present pet take to your new pet? Some shelters provide meet and greet so you possibly can see in case your new furry ball of pleasure will get alongside along with your present canine. Remember with all introductions go gradual.

Environment – is your private home prepared for a pet or kitten? Check fences and discover a safe space you’ll hold your new addition whereas they get used to their new surroundings. For cats, a room works effectively, for pups and canines, guarantee you will have good fences and contemplate a penned space.

Benefits of Adopting A Pet

There are many advantages for adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue scenario.

“Adopting or fostering a pet to help the animal or a family who is going through a difficult time by looking after their pet is very rewarding. Pet adoption changes lives for the better, not just for the pet but also in many cases for their humans.  I’ve heard many wonderful stories of transformation, where the pet is rehabilitated by a rescue group or animal shelter and has a great life with their new family,” Cathy says. “I can’t count the number of times people have said their rescue pet has rescued them”

Rescuing an older pet additionally has enormous benefits as most occasions, these animals are additionally rest room educated and home educated.

“I have adopted older pets in the past, and I now have two foster doggies, one is 13 years old (Fluffy) and the other is 9 years old (Twinkle),” Cathy smiles. “Older pets are wonderful!  They still have a lot of spark but without the high energy of a puppy. With older pets, you don’t have to go through the puppy period which can last 12 months or more.”

However, if you’re seeking to undertake a pet or undertake a kitten, there are numerous on the lookout for new properties of all totally different breeds, sizes and styles.

“It’s not just adult rescue pets in shelters,” Cathy says. “There are plenty of puppies and kittens being fostered by rescue groups and animal shelters who need a loving home. Puppies and kittens are a lot of fun!  If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort in raising a pup or kitten with positive training from the start, you can shape the animal into becoming a well-adjusted adult pet.”

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Worried about your Pets?
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