Are Bananas Good for Dogs?

The number of people is increasing day by day who feed natural and healthier food to their dogs. If you are one of them and want to know one of the most beneficial natural food for your dog, then you should know that bananas are very beneficial for dog’s health. The best part is that dogs love bananas. Are bananas good for dogs? Yes, they are. It makes an amazing nutritious snack for dogs. This is one of the best healthy foods you dog should have.

Are Bananas Good for Dogs?

are bananas good for dogs

Some fruits are toxic like mushrooms and should not be fed to dogs, but the banana is not toxic so you can feed it to your dog. You cannot feed excessive amount of it to your dog. Banana is beneficial for your dog only if given in little quantity. Never let your pet eat the peel of the banana. In regular meals, your dog does not get high levels of potassium, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B but bananas contain all of these. You see how rich in nutrients bananas are! Though banana is not a substitute for meat, as a snack it is very healthy and perfect for your dog. Unlike other dog snacks available in the market, bananas do not contain any preservatives or artificial colors.

Benefits of bananas for dogs

Bananas contain low sodium but have a high level of antioxidants which is very good for your dog’s skin and internal cleaning. In addition to being highly nutritious, bananas contain vitamin C, which boosts up your dog’s immune system. Bananas also maximize the energy level of dogs which is pretty important to keep them active.

If your dog is suffering from bowel problems or inflammation of the colon, bananas can help your dog get rid of these issues. Bananas contain enzymes which can relieve your dog from intestine irritation. Infections in the colon can be cured if you include banana in the diet of your dog.

How much banana should I feed my dog?

are bananas good for dog?

Do not feed too much otherwise it will have adverse effects on your dog’s health. The amount of banana should be decided according to weight and size of your dog. You should feed not more than half banana with few days interval to medium to large sized breeds. You can feed only a few small portions of bananas to small breeds.

Remember, if you feed too many bananas to your dog, the excessive potassium can cause heart issues in your dog. Excess of this fruit can also cause constipation. So limit the amount of banana you feed to your dog or your dog may suffer from adverse health issues.

Are Bananas Good for Dogs? Final Thoughts

Yes, bananas are very beneficial for the health of your dog. Never feed processed banana chips to your dog because preservatives in them can be harmful. Peanut butter with banana is also a great dog treat. Vets recommend banana for digestive health of dogs. Moderate amount of banana should be fed to dogs to eliminate the chances of adverse health issues.

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