Some Facts About Are Apples Good for Dogs?

Many people feed apples to their dogs, and many don’t because they are of the opinion that apples can poison their dog. So dog owners need to know, “Are apples good for dogs?” Apples are one of the most favorite fruits worldwide. It is also healthy for dogs. If you are feeding your dog quality dog food, then you don’t need to feed them apples on a daily basis. But if you can’t afford expensive and high-quality dog food then you can share some slices of apples to fulfill the requirements of nutrition of your dog.

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Are apples good for dogs?

Are apples good for dogs? Yes, they are because apples contain vitamin C and dietary fiber. It also contains sodium and saturated fat in low quantity. Some dogs suffer from hip dysplasia. Apples help to cure it. Apples also help dogs to get rid of skin allergies because they contain omega-6 fatty acids and Omega-3.

Are Apples Good for Dogs

Some people say apples poison the dogs. It’s the seeds of the apples that can poison your dog. Amygdlin is a form of cyanide that can poison not only dogs but any living thing on earth. It does not let the blood carry oxygen in the body. This harmful agent is present in the seeds of the apples. Few seeds can’t harm your dog because they will get detoxified by your dog’s body, but if your dog takes too many seeds, then it may cause the trouble. The cyanide is present on the cover of the seed, so if dogs swallow the whole seed without breaking the cover, then it will not cause any harm to your dog. For safe side, before feeding apple to your dog, remove all the seeds, cut them into small bite-sized pieces so that your dog remains safe.

Other benefits of apples

One of the so many benefits is that apples do not contain processed sugar. So naturally occurring sugar found in apples are not that harmful to dogs. Apple cider vinegar can be applied on dog’s skin to control the odor. If you add one teaspoon of it in your dog’s water or food bowl, it will help them get rid of chronic health problems and arthritis. In general, apples are beneficial for your dog’s health. There are few things to know before feeding apples to dogs.

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Precautionary measures

If your dog is suffering from kidney problems, then do not feed apples to him because phosphorous and calcium are present in apples. Too much phosphorous and calcium are harmful to dogs with kidney disease. If you have an arthritic dog, then avoid giving apples to him because omega-6 fatty acids are present in apples and can be a source of inflammation in dog’s body.

If you have not fed apples to your dog ever, then apples can be indigestible for him for the first time. If they take too much, their poop will not be quite right. This is clear sign that your dog’s digestive system is not right.

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You can feed apples to your dog occasionally not regularly. Small digestible pieces should be given so that they don’t suffer diarrhea or any stomach discomfort. Apples are not only just a tasty snack for your dog, but they contain fibers, vitamins and calcium.

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