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Grooming Short-Haired Dogs

Short-haired canines want grooming too! While it’s simple to imagine short-haired canines solely require wash-and-go baths, they really want a bit extra. Short-haired canines do shed. While their shedding coat doesn’t fall out in clumps throughout spring, it does slowly shed year-round.

Check out these 5 canine grooming suggestions that can hold your short-haired canine trying beautiful whatever the season. And be ready for fellow short-haired canine homeowners to cease and ask, “How do you keep your dog’s coat so shiny?”

How Short is Short?

Just to ensure we’re on the identical web page, I classify short-haired canines by their coat size. Short-haired canines ought to have a coat size of 1 inch or shorter, and their hair ought to be very straight.

Examples of short-haired canine breeds are:

1. Invest in a Good Brush

Yup, short-haired canines must be brushed. Short-haired canines want common brushing with a extremely good brush made particularly for brief hair. You’ll want a stiff bristle brush with bristles which can be tightly pushed collectively to take away the utmost quantity of useless hair. You can decide one up at your native pet provide retailer or, if you wish to splurge on a brilliant good brush, I counsel Chris Christenson’s Original Ionic Brass Boar Brush (he has a nylon model too if the boar factor creeps you out). Use this brush for each day brushing on dry hair.

For baths, I extremely advocate the Zoom Groom by Kong. For some purpose, canines are inclined to shed a bit extra throughout a shower, so use this to your benefit. After making use of shampoo to your canine’s coat, slowly brush within the route of your canine’s coat.

2. Use a Gentle Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Ideally, short-haired canines ought to be bathed as soon as every week. I do know many old skool canine homeowners nonetheless comply with the timeless motto of “bathe your dog only when he needs it” rule, however I feel instances have modified. Dogs are sleeping in our beds now, going for walks and touring with us; you’ve additionally acquired to recollect they don’t put on sneakers. Plus, bathing your canine weekly removes useless hair and dander and moisturizes your canine’s pores and skin and coat.

Before bathing your canine, brush your canine completely with a bristle brush first. This pre-bath step will assist loosen and take away useless hair plus loosen dry pores and skin flakes and dander, so shampoo can penetrate and moisturize your canine’s pores and skin throughout the bathing course of.

Choose a mild and pure shampoo that rinses simply and leaves no residual stickiness behind. Check out this text on my favourite mild canine shampoo and recommendations on washing your canine effortlessly.

Conditioner for Dogs

There’s plenty of debate on utilizing conditioners on short-haired canines’ coats. Personally, I feel it is determined by your canine’s coat wants. Also, conditioners have come a good distance; they’re now not heavy oil-based concoctions that depart a greasy feeling after rinsing. Newer conditioners include silk proteins, aloe and shea butter that moisturize your canine’s pores and skin whereas leaving his coat feeling like mushy, costly suede.

For short-haired canines, you’ll want mild or leave-in conditioners that additionally shield your canine’s coat from the solar. My favourite is Chris Christenson’s Silk Spirits. It smells heavenly, can be utilized as a leave-in conditioner or rinsed out, and could be bought on Amazon.

three. Keep Dog Nails Trimmed Short

While your canine is standing, check out his paws from the facet. Nails ought to be touching the bottom, which suggests you don’t hear tick-tick when he walks on exhausting surfaces. Long canine nails are painful, and can trigger arthritis, so trim your canine’s nails weekly. Check out this text on trimming overgrown canine nails in case your canine’s nails are manner too lengthy.

four. Keep Brushing Those Pearly Whites

I’m completely obsessive about canine dental hygiene; it’s one thing that may be simply prevented with each day brushings. Diseased tooth and gums not solely scent dangerous and look horrible, however it might probably additionally trigger coronary heart and kidney illness too. If your canine’s breath smells, you’ll in all probability must schedule a veterinary dental appointment. After your canine’s dental, hold his tooth clear with common brushings.

5. Spot-Check Pads, Ears and “Down There”

During your canine’s tub, check out your canine’s paw pads, ears and genital space too.

Paw Pads

Look for dryness, cracks or cuts in your canine’s paw pads and moisturize as wanted. If your canine’s paws are dry and cracked, I might moisturize them with paw cream each day. For cuts, hold the world clear. If your canine is licking on the space otherwise you discover his paw lower is getting worse, it’s time to schedule a vet go to.


Now, take a peek and sniff in your canine’s ears. You ought to see wholesome mild pink pores and skin and your canine’s ears ought to be odor-free. If you see particles and it smells yeasty or foul in your canine’s ears, it’s time for a veterinary checkup.

“Down There”

Now, it’s time to take a look at your canine’s genital and anal space. 🙂 Female canines, particularly these spayed earlier than one yr of age, can develop brown residue round their vulvas. Don’t freak out. This residue could be simply and gently cleaned throughout their tub. For males, test the penis opening for wholesome trying pores and skin. If crust or redness is current, I counsel a vet checkup. Checking and cleansing your canine’s anal space is fairly necessary too. Dry fecal matter builds up within the space, which may irritate your canine’s pores and skin. If you discover any discharge, swelling or lumps round your canine’s anus, I extremely advocate scheduling a veterinary examination promptly. It could possibly be anal gland points or worse.

Now, you’ll be able to definitely glam it up with spray glosses made for canines, however that’s a complete different subject. Short-haired canines can put on all of it! 🙂

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