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Dog Training Questions
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As a canine coach, I’m often requested the identical questions again and again throughout my canine coaching courses. Hey, it’s OK to ask because you’d by no means know the reply when you didn’t! Interestingly sufficient, lots of the similar questions are normally requested in the course of the first or second class. This is as a result of canine conduct is completely completely different than human conduct. So try 11 of probably the most often requested questions under and perceive what’s actually occurring out of your canine’s viewpoint.

1. Why do canine pull on leash?

Because you observe them. 🙂

2. Do canine really feel guilt?

Nope, they don’t. Instead, they react to your stern physique language—principally, you’re scaring them. Please cease all of the shaming images. It sends most people the mistaken message.

three. Why do canine bark at doorbells?

Someone (or factor) is on the opposite facet and they’re alerting you. Teach your canine to do one thing else, similar to mendacity on their mattress, quite than bark.

four. Why does my canine pee within the formal eating room?

Dogs are good. Thick carpet and rugs adsorb pee shortly, so they like to potty in rooms with that floor. Never punish your canine for peeing. Train your canine to potty in one other room or open air.

5. Why does my canine stroll in entrance of me and cease?

Dogs have by no means been taught to not stroll in entrance of you and cease. Dogs are like toddlers. They do the identical factor till they’re taught in a different way. Train your canine to step again or come round by luring a deal with into place.

6. Is deal with coaching thought-about bribery?

Not in any respect. Lure reward coaching is a really efficient solution to educate new behaviors.

7. If my canine doesn’t study, is he silly?

Far from it. Dogs are tremendous good, and it’s our job to determine tips on how to educate well mannered behaviors successfully. Take a breather and take a look at it out of your canine’s perspective. He’s most likely confused and not sure of what you’re asking. If you’re pissed off, discover a optimistic reinforcement canine coach.

eight. Should I practice my canine to guard me?

Oh my gosh, no. Dogs ought to alert people about conditions, however not assault. Please don’t ever educate your canine to guard you, youngsters or household. This is a harmful sport.

9. Why is my canine hyper?

Because he has by no means been taught to self-settle. This is a typical concern with youngsters too.

10. Will giving my canine folks meals trigger begging?

Nope. The act of giving any kind of meals out of your plate or dinner desk causes begging conduct.

11. Should I act as alpha?

This is a fantasy. Forcing, staring, pushing, pulling and bodily correcting canine is extraordinarily complicated to them. Picture your self abroad the place nobody speaks your native language. Now, think about folks making an attempt to speak with you—yikes! Throw the “alpha status” stuff out the window. It’s previous and ineffective.

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